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The Oklahoma City Bombing
This is a review of the book entitled Terrorist Attacks: The Oklahoma City Bombing by Geraldine Giordano. The author’s purpose is to inform the reader about the life of Timothy McVeigh, convicted bomber, the destructive plan, the actual bombing, the investigation of the case, and the aftermath.
Giordano hooks the reader by implementing a very dramatic introduction of the events of that morning. “It was a day no one would soon forget” (Giordano 5). The first chapter is devoted to the life of Timothy McVeigh, his biographical information, and additional facts of interest to the reader, such as McVeigh and a friend bought 10 acres of land in New York and told their parents that they wanted to use the land for hunting. In reality, they planned to use the land as a survivalists’ bunker. It was surprising to learn that McVeigh wanted to be a Green Beret but failed the required psychiatric test.
Chapter two is devoted to the alliance between McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and Michael Fortier. The author suggests that the Ruby Ridge incident and the Waco incident concerning the Branch Davidians were turning points for McVeigh. The author argues that the Murrah Building was targeted for several reasons. The first reason being that McVeigh knew the building contained several government offices and agencies. According to her, McVeigh believed that he could retaliate against those who were responsible for the Waco incident. Another reason was the way the building was constructed and its shape. It was made of glass and U shaped, which would contribute to increased devastation. At this point Giordano plays upon the emotions of the reader by printing a photograph of the staff and children of the daycare center in the Murrah Building that was taken just one week before the building was bombed.…...