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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage III

Lamont Stokes

Keller Graduate School

Executive Summary

The business is a food chain restaurant that is located in Northern California with roughly 300-400 full time and part time employees. There are other competitions within the area which are other fast food restaurants and we all serve the customer that wants fast food, but we are more family oriented. The majority overview of this business plan was to review and discuss the HRIS needs of the company, the type of HRIS that will be used and also what vendor would be providing these services to Castle's Family Restaurant.


This business plan will discuss the importance and the benefits of having an HRIS implemented for the payroll function of the Castle Family Restaurant. Discussing of the Vendor that is selected and some key information on what the vendor provides is available in the paper. This paper will serve as a recommendation to assist the company in streamlining the payroll function of the business.

Company Review

The name of the business that we are evaluating is called Castle’s Family restaurant. The business is currently located in Northern California and has approximately 300-340 employees. Most of the employees at Castle’s Family restaurant are part-time with about 40% of the employees being full time. As we take a look of what HR automation that would best fit the Castle’s Family restaurant we must look at the skill set of job title within the company. The waiters, bus boys, dishwashers, cooks and the greeters have at the highest a high school diploma and at times most may not even have that.

They are very limited in their computer usage and due to their job title aren’t required to use computers or a…...