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Pestel – India


Switzerland has always been a very popular holiday destination for Indian travelers. This is mainly due to the use of Switzerland’s scenic beauty in the Bollywood movies. The Indians always believe in value for money and hence whenever they plan a holiday, they like to include as many countries as possible in their holiday packages. With the entry of Switzerland in the Schenegen Zone, the Indian travelers usually club their Swiss holidays with the rest of the European countries. As the Royalp is situated in the Alps, if the Indian market is a very good prospect for them, as the Indian guests want to see the scenic beauty of Switzerland and what better place to experience it than the Alps.


The BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India & China) are considered as the future economic powers. The trends of the inflow of Indian traveler in Switzerland had always been positive, until 2008 when the recession struck the globe. India was the country to recover from the recession the fastest compared to the other countries. This shows the potential that the Indian economy has, and hence if Royalp already starts to target the Indian Travelers from now, it may become one of their major markets in the future. In 2014, 154,600 Indian tourists are expected as compared to 140,000 in 2010, this also shows the Growing Indian Market in Switzerland.


64% of Indian Population is between 15 to 50 years old. As the younger population travels more, the outflow of Indian tourists is expected to increase very year. Ski is becoming a very popular sport in India and with India having limited ski slopes and not limited infrastructure for skiing, If Royalp targets the ski enthusiast from India, they will surely get a very positive response. Switzerland has become a very popular educational destination for the Indian students, mainly…...