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Integrative Negotiations As a recruiter, there are a few things to negotiate and take into considerations. Most newly hired candidates will most likely negotiate their salary, work schedule and company benefits. During the process of negotiation, it is extremely important to be aware of my BATNA and know when to walk away. If the requested value is at least within the ZOPA, a decision can be made where both parties will benefit. When negotiating salary, the first thing I will do is ask the counterparty what he values most in a company and what he hopes to get out of working at the firm. I would not want someone to work for the company for only financial purposes. I would negotiate the lowest possible amount to determine if they are still interested in the job position. In this situation, I would try to keep within the ZOPA, because if the salary is too low, the candidate might deny the job offer. This can be seen as the barrier. While negotiating work schedule, it should be assumed that they are able to work forty hours per week. During the negotiation of the work schedule, it is important to ask if they are available to work over time and how many personal days they need. If the candidate requests more days than what is actually offered, I will tell them that the company only allows a specific amount of personal holidays for a full time employee. Therefore, the personal holidays are non-negotiable. In the event that the candidate requests for a much higher salary and more personal holidays, it might be beneficial to me to reconsider the candidate. Assessing my BATNA, I can offer the position to someone else with the same credentials, that will consider a salary within the ZOPA and agree on the company’s holiday...

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