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Par 115 Legal Analysis Assignment #2

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PAR 115 Legal Analysis
Assignment #2
September 26, 2011

1. The parties to the case cited as 224 P.3d 254 are The People of the State of Colorado as the Petitioner and James Brian Disher as the Respondent. 2. The case may be properly cited as 224 P.3d 254 (Colo. 2010). In other words, the case is located in volume 224 of the Pacific Reporter, Third Series on page 254. The Colorado Supreme Court decided the case in 2010. 3. The Colorado Supreme Court determined that an intimate relationship “should not include mere social or business acquaintances and friends.” 4. The Court determined that there are three factors that may be taken into account when determining if a relationship was intimate or not. These three factors are:
1) The length of time the relationship has existed, or did exist
2) The nature or type of the relationship
3) The frequency of interaction between the parties.
The court made the point that these three factors are not an exhaustive list that a court may consider. Rather, they are to act as a guide, and may be used in whole or in part. 5. The disposition of the court was that to reverse the judgment of the district court and remand it. 6. The holding of the case explains that an intimate relationship is not synonymous with a sexual relationship. 7. The Adam’s County District Attorney’s petition for certiorari is the step necessary to have the Colorado Supreme Court hear the case. The Colorado Supreme Court may grant the petition in the form of a writ of certiorari. 8. The Supreme Court of Colorado decided this case. 9. West Publishing assigned all the key numbers associated with this and any other case found within its database. This includes key number 361k21704 to head note 4. 10.

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