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The purpose of this assignment is to identify a client group and discuss the current pain management strategies used to assess pain in the selected client group. This assignment will explore and discuss the pain management strategies adopted in the clinical area to meet the needs of this client group. At the same time one pain, management strategy will be chosen critically evaluated and explored in light of the available evidence.
The final part of the assignment will identify the improvements that need to introducing in the clinical area, in order to improve the management of pain.
The student of this assignment works on a busy medical ward admitting both young and elderly patients with acute and chronic pain. However, most of the patient’s admitted to unit have dementia. The British Pain Society (2010) states that, “pain is under recognised and undertreated in older people,it is a subjective personal experience only known to the person who suffers”.
Dementia is said to be caused by a variety of conditions with a complex of symptoms characterized by progressive global deterioration of cognitive functioning. Patterson et al (1999).
The chronic pain coalition ( 2007) states that poor pain management impacts on quality of care and recovery and patients’ morbidity and mortality resulting in prolonged hospital stay coupled with economic implications for the health service.
Pain has many defintionss have defined pain differently, the International Association for the study of pain (IASP,1989 ) has defined pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage has defined pain differently.McCaffrey (1968) defines pain as “whatever the person experiencing the pain says it exists whenever the person communicates or demonstrates voluntarily or involuntarily that it does.” However the later…...