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Paradigm Shift in Cellular Phone Technology

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Paradigm Shift in Cellular Phone Technology

Paradigm Shift in Cellular Phone Technology Cellular phones, or Cell phones as they have come to be known, have rapidly become indispensable in the past twenty years. From their inception in 1972 as bulky handsets to the current touch screen pocket computer iteration, mobile phones have grown by leaps and bounds and will continue to do so in the future. Impacts of this technology have first and foremost been mobility. Mobility was important in the ‘70’s and is paramount today. With current computer technology phones have become slimmer and even more portable than the first Motorola mobile phone. It is getting to the point that we will be able to wear our cell phones as accessories. Computing power is another shift in the paradigm of cell phone technology. Barely seven years ago, were cell phones nothing more than phones you could carry around with you. These days’ cell phones are tiny computers that have the capability of making phone calls. The current trend suggests that desktop and laptop computers will be all but obsolete to the business professional in just a scant few years. The entertainment industry is also jumping on the smartphone bandwagon. Instantly streaming news and television shows are rapidly becoming the way to go for busy individuals to catch up on what is important to them. Cable companies and premium cable channels and even news and media outlets have apps for streaming and downloading content directly to your handheld device. Technology to advance cell phones. (2004, march 04). Retrieved from
Marko, K. (2012, Aug 20). Application development in the age of mobility. Retrieved from

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