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Paradigms In Electronic Library

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This paper is an overview on emerging services paradigm in E- Libraries. It has been possible with the help of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women’s. its library has a small spaced building but it serves the wide accessed information in digital form to their users. This paper discus the changing services in libraries, methods of accessing e- resources and online databases, Digital library, open access gateways and databases. The resources given in this paper is particular in subject of engineering and technology.
Key Words: Digital Era, Digital Library, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women’s, E- resources.
In digital library the electronic resources are becoming more and more important. The electronic
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With the increasing and obvious user preference for electronic access to information, it is quite probable that the most actively used segments of many library collections are the electronic sources. This has great implications on how user services are planned. Libraries now have to provide to the needs of users who are primarily working with electronic information and, therefore, may not even be in the library’s physical …show more content…
In addition, the need to empower users to become effective independent searchers within the online environment has led to the continued incorporation of a strong instructional component within the electronic reference setting. The modern reference environment in a typical electronic library is characterized by a set of new types of communication; electronic communication is the primary mode. E-mail has been around for many years, but now it is being used more than ever. In addition, instant messaging has also become popular. Online chat has become the basis of the exploding virtual reference services (VRS). Systems like the LSSI Virtual Reference Toolkit: software offer not only the chat features, but also collaborative browsing and a host of other features that enhance communication with library users in a virtual environment. Other products like the Convey system: have the added advantage of voice over IP, permitting voice dialog as part of the virtual reference transaction.
New approaches to library instruction: Libraries provide other Web-based instructional resources that students can use on their own to build information literacy skills that can help them conduct library research more effectively. Moreover, Web-based instruction modules are vital to remote students participating in distance education, as they may not even have the opportunity to visit

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