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Paradise Kitchens, Inc. Executive Summary
Cortez Hampton
Dr. Charles Hurst, Professor
Due: November 28, 2012

Executive Summary
Description of Company
Paradise Kitchens, Inc. was created by Randall F. Peters, and wife, Leah E. Peters to develop a line of microwaveable Southwestern/Mexican style frozen chili products called Howlin' Coyote Chili. Before starting Paradise Kitchens, Inc., Randall spent 15 years working for General Foods and Pillsbury with many different responsibilities. Leah had expertise in food science and packaging from her past positions. Both had the necessary skills contribute to the startup (and success) of Paradise Kitchens. The line of frozen microwavable Chili products are sold in U.S. grocery stores and the company puts an emphasis on its high quality and good taste because it is the only authentic Southwestern/Mexican style microwavable Chili available in U.S. grocery stores. Paradise Kitchens prides itself on the high quality of their products and wants to extend their market exponentially in the near future.

Mission Statement
The mission of Paradise Kitchens, Inc. is to market lines of high-quality Southwestern/Mexican food products at premium prices that satisfy consumers in this fast-growing food segment while providing challenging career opportunities for employees and above-average returns to stockholders.

Management of Paradise Kitchens, Inc.
With Randall and Leah’s backgrounds, it was decided that Randall Peters serves as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Paradise Kitchens, Inc. Leah Peters will focus on corporate strategy for the company.

The Market and the Consumer
To the company’s knowledge, Howlin’ Coyote Chili is the only premium-quality, authentic Southwestern/Mexican style, frozen Chili sold in U.S. grocery stores. Because its high quality has gained fast,…...

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