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The living standard of human beings nowadays has been increased dramatically. Being in the comparison with economy conditions of whose generation in 20 years ago, contemporary generation are served by many advanced benefits. As for me, overcoming negative influence which discourages young generation to spend their energy in working, technology and economy developments extremely marked a transformation compared to our parent’s generation.
In many case of reasons, the appearance of technology definitely infrequently encourages people to truly do their hard work. In other words, young generation do not be motivated anything of inventing or reaching high level technology achievements. This situation is easily understandable for its convenience and availability, people just simply earn money, buy the cutting-edge technology, then enjoy themselves. This very convenient of technology, in high level of bad influence, would loses children’s awareness of money and labour respect. Indeed, the recent researches proof the evidence that 70% children who enjoy good living standard without well education by parent do not respect the valuable labours.
However, thanks to the improvement of technological achievement, our generation today obsoletely complete works, studies easier. For example, 25 years ago, my dad washed dishes and clothes by hands; at the moment, he do not need to spend any energy to clean up everything with labour-saving machine. Take my friend, Jack, for an instance, he is now going to York University, everything becomes convenient with him because of using modern electronic dictionary which helps him to get high performance results at the end of semester.
In addition, as being our age, parent’s economy and technological conditions was highly poor and shortage. At that time, Internet or television conception was not born yet; recently, latest version of technology or some kind of sharing websites bring the whole world to us. We can chat with each other even though live in different countries, can easily communicate to each other with the convenient of modern cell phone.
To sum up, the life today, help people to have better life than the one in the past, give them essential conditions to invent other amazing things. I can myself believe in promising future in 22nd century.

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