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Parent Teacher Communication

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Parent teacher communication is an important aspect of every student’s education. It is common knowledge when a parent is involved in their child’s education they do better in school (Keyes, 2002). My communication plan for the parent and/or blended family will allow them to be involved in their child’s progress, share important information, and different opportunities for them to stay involved. At the beginning of every school year I will ask each parent their preferred way of communication, whether it is written, face to face, telephone, or internet. The school system I work in has a webpage for every school and each teacher. On this webpage the teacher places their contact information, mission statement, a brief bio, and what is expected from each child and parent. This lets the parent know up front how the class will be flow. The parent must register and create an account for themselves and their student. On this account the parent can check their student’s grades, homework, and class participation along with any other information they would like to know simply by asking the teacher. I will also set up a secure classroom blog to communicate with parents and students on events that happen or are planned. This will allow students and parents to communicate meaningful information not only with the teacher, but between each other. For these parents and students that do not have internet access I will send home a printed copy of my weekly newsletter along with weekly progress notes on classroom participation, homework assignments and grades for their student. I will also ask parents for their input and let them know they are the most important part of their student’s life.
Many people today still believe that education is only for the classroom and is not a community issue. This concept is called the silo effect, where the school system and the community…...

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