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Parental Accountability for Juvenile Offenders

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Parental Accountability for Juvenile Offenders
On February 11, 2014 a student was discovered carrying a handgun on the campus of Fairly High School in Memphis. Two weeks later, on February 25, 2014, Cartrail Robertson, 13, was gunned down in a Memphis home. On Thursday, July 10, 2014, SFC. Michael Braden was gunned down at a Tennessee armory. The criminal nature of these acts alone is enough to give pause, but of even greater concern is the fact that each of these crimes was committed by adolescent Tennesseans. Scenarios in which crimes have been perpetrated by juvenile offenders are becoming common place in our region’s news reports.

These are arguments that oppose holding parents accountable for crimes committed by juveniles one such argument is supported by Keeler (2004) who asserts that adolescent crimes can occur regardless of good parenting. Keeler’s argument describes a teen who has dropped out school and is involved in criminal behavior. The worst of the behavior being several instances of drunk driving. There is a parent who appears genuine in her concern for her teen. Unfortunately, the argument also illustrates the parent’s frustration with her teen to the point where she releases the child first to relatives, then juvenile services. It was only after this transition that the child’s difficult behavior escalated to a criminal in nature. Parents must be encouraged to give their youth support and guidance, anything less can be detrimental to the youth and potentially others.

Vaughn (2012) explains that parents should be aware of juveniles who exhibit chaotic and difficult behavior. After school clubs, youth clubs, and extra-curricular activities can be a resource for parents to use in discouraging criminal behavior. Since parents have the earliest chance of identifying and...

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