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6. The 3 main types of prenatal development are the zygote, embryo, and fetus. The zygote is the fertilized egg in the womb; it lasts for 2 weeks and begins when the sperm first fertilizes the egg. Soon afterwards, the zygote becomes an embryo. During the embryo stage, the actual human organism is mad and this lasts from the 2nd week to the 2nd month. During the fetus stage, the organism is in its developmental stage. This begins after 9 weeks of pregnancy. A teratogen is an agent that can cause harm to the womb ex. If a pregnant woman is drinking a lot of alcohol, she can harm the fetus because alcohol is a teratogen and she could potentially cause fetal alcohol syndrome.

7. The brain capacity of newborn babies is a lot smaller than that of an older person. That’s why we don’t remember most of our infancy. Once we are born we start to make a neural network that allows us to complete basic functions, like talk, remember, etc. The habituation for the infant cognition is a very simple way of learning. When the babies are exposed to something multiple times, they lose fascination in it.

8. Piaget developed 4 stages of cognitive development that show how humans develop mentally. Stage 1 is the sensorimotor stage. This is the stage that occurs from 0 to 2 years and this is when we start to interact with our senses. The 2nd stage, Preoperational, 2-7 years old, is when language begins but isn’t completely understood and is used with logic reasoning. Concrete Operational is the 3rd stage from 6 to 11 years old. This is when kids start to understand and use logic reasoning. At 12 years old, Piaget’s last stage of cognitive development begins. It is the formal operational stage.

9. The benefit of secure attachment kids are more loving and trust you more and do not live life scared and fearful. Parent Neglect shows that kids have a fear towards the earth. Kids with parent neglect never learn what trust is and they can never comprehend it. Parent seperation impacts children because they are hopeless and they think nobody cares for them.

11. Kohlberg’s stages of morality show that there are 6 stages and 3 moral levels. The “Pre-moral Level” is the early level and it is about a persons interests and egocentrism. Stage 1 consists of a child not being able to see others’ interests and is always scared of the future punishment. In the second stage, the kids start to view other people’s interests and want people to respond to them in the same way. The “conventional morality with interpersonal relationships,” is the next stage. In stage 3, children want to live up to people’s expectations with trust and loyalty. This is when kids are concerned and care for other people. In stage 4, children follow and interpret rules and regulations of society. In the third and final level, the child gets a basic understanding of judgment. In stage 5, they realize some rules are more important than others and that morals don’t follow rules. In stage 6, it’s all about “Universal ethnic principles.”

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