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Parental Influence in Sexual Decisions of Teens and Adolescents

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Parental influence in sexual decisions of teens and adolescents.

Parents can be one of the strongest influences in an adolescents’ life. Studies have shown that higher levels of parental involvement in their child’s life are linked with lower levels of delinquency, violent behavior, high school dropout and drug abuse as well as with higher levels of educational attainment (Moore & Zaff, 2002). For this study, we will look specifically at parental influence to reduce adolescent/teens decision to become sexually active at an early age.

There are many reasons why this topic warrants deeper research. Early adolescent sexual experience is said to be lined with various risky behaviors, including unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (Kirby et. al, 2005, Ryan et. al, 2008). With huge emphasis placed on the role parents have in their children’s’ lives, it is conceivable that their impact can play a role in deferring teens/adolescents from engaging in sexual activities thus lessening the dangers that surround sexual promiscuity. It is also extremely critical to understand if parental involvement has a connection with the timing of a teen/adolescents initial sexual encounter.

Child Trends analyzed the most recent data published from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (1997). This cohort study attempted to investigate how parenting practices that happen before their adolescent/teen become sexually interested and active will affect their decision to become sexually active by age 16 (Child Trends, 2009). The key findings of this analysis found that there are multiple factors of parental guidance and involvements are associated with delaying a teen/adolescents first sexual experience. These factors include positive parent-child relationships, high parental awareness and monitoring and family dinner routines (Child Trends, 2009). More...

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