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Parental Involvement in Classrooom Management

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Parental Involvement in Classroom Management Reflection Paper
Landon Hayes
Grand Canyon University: EDU-536
June 5, 2012

Parental Involvement in Classroom Management Reflection Paper It is so important for parents to be actively engaged in their child’s education. The earlier those parents become involved in their child’s education the more powerful it will be in the long run. Communication is the key element for positive parental involvement especially with that child’s teacher. I was able to reflect on how important communication is with parents while writing a practice letter for this particular assignment. Writing the practice letter about a child’s disruptive behavior taught me a few things about being an effective communicator with parents. The first thing that it taught me was that the teacher should always be precise about the specific disruptive behavior that is taking place. The parents need to know the specific behavior that their child is displaying in the classroom. The parents and the teacher can then work together with one another to help reduce the disruptive behavior. The next thing that this letter to the parents taught me was that even though you’re writing to tell the parents about a disruptive behavior, the teacher should also include positive things about the child. Parents don’t want to hear everything that is negative about their child so it is important for them to hear the good things that their child brings to the classroom. As a teacher, we should always be able to find something positive about each student. The last thing that this letter taught me that will help me as a teacher is to make sure that interventions have been tried with the particular student being disruptive. I believe that positive interventions should be tried with the disruptive student before writing...

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