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Parenting In The Glass Castle

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In The Glass Castle, we are introduced to a family of six and we learn about the parents, Rex and Rose Mary, along with their behavior, attitude, personality, and the overall approach they have towards parenting their children. We all know that the bottom line to "good parenting" is to avoid any type of negligence toward your children. With further study into the book, one may come to the conclusion that Rex and Rose Mary do not fall under the category of "good parent." Rex and Rose Mary do not uphold their moral responsibilities to care for their children's basic needs due to their lack of supervision, stability, and their selfishness.
To begin with, Rex and Rose Mary demonstrate a lack of supervision in their parenting throughout The Glass
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"How many places have we lived?" Jeannette asks her sister, Lori (29). "We counted eleven places we had lived, then we lost track" (29). These quotes illustrate the children's constant moving around to the point where they are unable to recall all the places they had lived in. In addition to constantly having to relocate, the children in The Glass Castle lack stability in their lives because their parents are unable to conserve employment. For instance, Rose Mary finds a job as a teacher in Battle Mountain to finally sustain her children; however she slacks off and frequently fails to show up at her assigned classroom, pretending to be sick. The Principle of the school thought Rose Mary a terrible teacher. "Miss Beatty threatened to fire Mom, so
Lori, Brian, and I started helping Mom with her schoolwork" (74). Rex also displays a careless attitude towards his employments and often loses them because of this. "He arranged to have himself fired because he wanted to spend more time looking for gold." The problem is that, because of his thoughtless decision to lose his employment, his children are the ones suffering, having to sacrifice for food. Consequently, the children
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Lori's search for a better life was almost hampered because of her father's selfishness.
10/29/2015 Parenting in "The Glass Castle" ­ Editorial and opinion Book review ­ Parenting, Negligence, Children ­ Booksie­in­the­glass­castle 3/4
We all know that parents must uphold certain moral responsibilities to care for their children's basic needs in order to be "good parents." Every parent wishes to be a good one and attempts to give it their all to be so.
Therefore, why do we still find people today who are guilty of negligence towards their children? Often times it is because of a parent's absence of endeavor, effort, and struggle. Many parents lacking these qualities are usually the products of previous "bad parenting" as well. Although at times, Rex and Rose Mary did expose love to their children, we must also recognize that love alone is not sufficient in meeting children's basic needs.
In this case, Rex and Rose Mary did not uphold their moral responsibilities to care for their children's basic needs because they failed to provide supervision, stability, and selflessness in order for their children to

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