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Liw Panichakornkul
30 November 2011
I think the purpose of this essay is to show? How she was scared about leaving, not knowing anyone. But at the same time she loved it and missed her home town.

Good Things Fall Apart, So Better Things Can Come Together
When I regularly came home from school and hanging out with friends around 7 in the evening, my mother surprised me with some news. She grinded and said that she had something to tell me. When I saw a smile on her face, I was excited to hear it.
“You are going to America.” she said.
I stopped smiling and turned my face into a frown. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to leave my house, school, families, and best friends that I have for my entire life.
“But mom, everything is expensive over there. ” I tried to give her as many excuses as I could think.
I added, “I’m not going to have any friends. I don’t know how to speak English. It is impossible for me to study over there. I don’t want to go. Please, let me stay here.”
“You will be fine. You have your brother and your dad there. What are you afraid of? Your dad has been there for many years. All he wants is to see his kids succeed with good education. Look at your brother; he is fine over there. So you will be ok.” she said. I was sitting on a mountain of wet tissues. I would miss my friends a lot. I wouldn’t be able to hang out with them after school every day until 7 o’ clock anymore. Since I had no other choice, I had to come to America. I was scared because in my opinion, American people are big and tall compare to people in my country, and that scared me. In a gloomy morning, I had to leave to the airport at 4 since that was a long flight. The good thing was, my mother came and stayed with me for a month. It was the time that the sadness had arrived. It’s 5.30 and I had to go. When I was about to walk inside, my friends gave me a bunch of cards and letters. “Whenever you feel lonely, read all of these and you will see that we are always here, beside you.” One of my friends said it in low voice. I would be laughing with them if they said this corny sentence to me when I’m not going anywhere, but at that moment, I was leaving them and I didn’t even now when I’m going go them again. After she finished that sentence, tears poured out of my eyes immediately. I couldn’t laugh I couldn’t say anything. All I replied back to them was “Okay”. I knew if I said more words, airport would get flooded in a minute. I didn’t want to look back at my friends and my sister. What if I won’t be able to see them again? I decided to look back at them for the last time anyway. I walked inside with tears all over my face. Am I going to America? Am I really leaving my sister and all my friends? Am I REALLY going to AMERICA? The answer of all those questions was “Yes”. I felt like I zoned out for the whole time walking to the gate. I didn’t remember anything until the airplane was already moving and departing. After 7 hours, we stopped at Narita International Airport in Japan to change the airplane. Then, we had to get on another airplane flying to Detroit. It was a 14-hour flight from Japan to Detroit. I forgot how to walk for a second. I got a chance to walk around the airport. There are people everywhere I went. There are way too many people. I didn’t like America already. I continued walking to find the right gate before doing anything else. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t miss a flight. “Gate A53, Asheville, right there, mom!” I shouted. We had some extra time to walk around and see the airport. I walked a bit in front of my mom. “Whoaa, mom, come here.” I walked back to her and pull her hand forward so that she can walk faster. I was stunned. There’s a tunnel between terminals of the airport. It’s not the normal, dark, tunnel that anyone would imagine. This tunnel is full of colors. Red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, green, any colors you name it. Not only that it is colorful, the colors of tunnel constantly change like waves in the ocean. I felt like I was walking over the rainbow. I walked back and forth in that tunnel a few times. I liked America a little bit more, but I still wanted to go home. It was time to catch the last airplane to Asheville. When I looked at the plane, I was scared. It looked like an airplane toy that powered by AA batteries. I couldn’t tell them to change to a new airplane. I couldn’t ask them to find me a bigger airplane. Therefore, I had to get on this airplane, sit quietly and pray. Somehow, I got to Asheville safely. When we get out from the airport, “Welcome to North Carolina” sign made me nervous a little inside. North Carolina? I have to stay here for the rest of my life? With all these mountains? Oh no. All of negative thoughts came across this Bangkok city girl. This is such a big different. From a lot of tall buildings to tiny little buildings. From traffics in the big city to a few cars on the empty road. From the pollution from cars and industries to fresh air from mountains. Wait, actually, this isn’t too bad. I have these beautiful mountains. I don’t have to sit in the traffic for hours. I was trying to appease myself. It worked a little bit. I liked America a little more, but I still wanted to go home. My family tried to comfort me. They took me to New York, to see the big city like I used to live in. They took me to Florida, to see the Disney Castle and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, my favorite Disney character. They took me to Chicago, to meet my brother that left Thailand two years before I did. Those cities are beautiful. It was nice of them taking me to different places in America. It works. I like America a little bit more, but I still want to go home. All the fun had ended. I had to go back in reality and realized that I had to go to school. I didn’t want to go because it would be a lot different in Thailand. I didn’t want to make new friends. My best friends in Thailand are the best. I took out their cards and read them over and over again. I guess I had no choices. No one would pay for my plane ticket to go back to Thailand. I didn’t have that much money either. I took a deep breath and walked into “Enka High School”. I walked slowly because I didn’t know where to go. I looked left and right because I didn’t know these people. I wanted to go home. Too late, Bell rung. I started walking to my class. I looked at my schedule. “E202, English as a Second Language. Mrs. Sharman Vermeer.” I freaked out a little when I saw a word “English”. When I walked into her class, my teacher was standing there and greeted me by saying hi in Thai. She comforted me a little. She seemed nice, and when I talked to her a bit more, she is a really nice lady. She helped me with everything throughout my high school. This motivated me. I’m lucky that I have her helping me with everything. I have my parents who work hard because they want me to get a better education.Why not try this for a semester and see how it goes? I tried. From B’s and C’s in Thailand to all A’s in America, this isn’t too bad. I liked America a little bit more because I got all A’s, but I still wanted to go home. After years passed by, I get used to it. I got A’s in every class, every semester. I made friends. I have a lot of cousins. I hang out with them. I have fun with these amazing people here. I enjoyed seeing these mountains turn red, orange, and yellow in fall. I enjoyed seeing white snow and making a snowman in winter. I enjoyed everything here. I like American a lot more, but I still wanted to go home. It was very difficult to leave my own country and people I had been living with for my entire life in Thailand. And a “still wanted to go home” feeling won’t go away. Every time I think about going back to Thailand and live there, my parents’ faces pop up in my mind. When that happens, I think to myself that I already come this far and I can’t go back. Even though I was dying when I left home in Thailand, now I have a happy life in America. I feel like I’m a better person. This is why many people said, “Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can come together.”

Red: Appeals to senses
Green: Brand names
Comments: Pretty good overall paper, but could use a little more dialogue towards the end. There was a good amount of dialogue at the beginning. Also, maybe some sentence structure and paragraph structure. Good bit of sentence fragments within this paper. Also you could use more sensory details in your paper. Had a lot of places where you could use better words than the ones you had chosen. There are lots of ways to better your paper.

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...Q.1. What factors created the opportunity for Bob Reiss and the TV Guide Game? 1. Demand for “Trivia” products were on the upswing, and had yet to reach the U.S. 2. Success of Trivial Pursuit in Canada was crucial 3. Reiss’s experience in the logistics and lead time concerns of manufacturing in the toy industry 4. Reiss’s personal connections: • Kaplan (Equity) • Helen Factoring (Billing & Accounts Receivables) • Swiss Colony (production and shipping) • Suppliers for books, boards and boxes Q.2. What risks and obstacles had to be overcome to pursue the opportunity successfully? 1. Advertising (Did not possess the Advertising budget of larger companies, i.e. Parker Bros.) 2. Public’s interest in Trivia Games declining (Over saturation can/will occur rapidly) 3. Manufacturing with little lead time 4. Cash Flow 5. Sales 6. Competition (mainly Trivial Pursuit) How did Bob Reiss accomplish this? 1. Advertising Strategy 2. Offering incentive(5% ad allowance) to dept. stores for placing ad in print 3. Free media publicity 4. Ensured product would be available for sale before “fad” of Toy/Game had occurred 5. Utilized personal experience and intelligence to create an efficient product design (booklet, instead of cards) 6. Business Partner Kaplan 7. Sales Strategy 8. Price Point was set......

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Hasbro Interactive Case Study

...Individual Assignment (#2) “Hasbro Interactive, Case Study” Strategic Marketing Management (MKT 600) Done By: Dima El Jalbout ID#: 23406 Submitted to: Dr. Elie Asmar Academic Year: Spring 2015-2016 Date: Monday, March 14, 2016 Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away families had a game night—once a week they'd pull out a stack of boxes from a closet and everyone would flex their knowledge of trivia (Trivial Pursuit), vocabulary (Scrabble), or even their real-estate management skills (Monopoly). All these childhood memories, the related games and much more were created by “Hasbro, Inc”. Unfortunately the company end up being sold to another French company due to many failures discussed below. After Hasbro Inc and Hasbro Interactive and all the rapid growth and success the company has had, it began acquiring software firms and became separate divisions instead of one united entity. The owner was over optimistic; he set very high target sales and revenues which led to lots of missed targets and caused Hasbro interactive to start losing money. Structural challenges were many from which we can mention: * Hasbro’s related companies departments didn’t report to the main division, * No strategic plans for the company (other than acquiring as many companies with no consideration of the prices), * Main division set very aggressive sales expectations due to overconfidence, * Huge revenues gained by Hasbro interactive were spent on large......

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