Parknshop in Hong Kong

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ParknShop is a well-known supermarket in Hong Kong, it was established in 1973. It sells fresh foods and necessities mainly and its objectives include providing customers from the cheapest products, fresh foods and drinks with high quality and services with world class standard. Now, it has an excellent reputation and there are over 200 branch stores in Hong Kong. (, 2009) However, there are some ethical issue is about ParknShop. Therefore, in this essay, some cases of ParknShop will be discussed and some ethical basic values will be applied.

To begin with, according to American Marketing Association (AMA), six basic sets of ethical values include honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, openness and citizenship. We can use these concepts to judge whether ParknShop have done ethical issue or not.

Firstly, according to the promotion of ParknShop, a lot of products are sold with discount prices on Friday. However, report of consumer council has found that over half products in ParknShop are added price on Friday and reduced on Thursday and Saturday. Also the report pointed out that many products’prices are the highest on Friday. (2009a). The concept of honesty requires corporations to offer products of value that do claim in the communications and tell the truth in all times, but ParknShop tell lie with their advertising and promotions. Consumer council also found that there are some reports had discovered the same situation before their report was published. Therefore, it proves that ParknShop had not done anything to adjust their pricing strategy after the public show the concern. (2009b) Respect encourages corporations to listen to the requirement of their customers and make all reasonable efforts to improve their services but ParknShop still remained their pricing strategy to cheat consumers.

Secondly, many organizations and the government…...