Parole and Mandatory Release

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Parole and Mandatory Release
By: Eleanore Krzeminski
Janette Nichols

Parole has many different meanings to others. The word parole is the release of an inmate with certain conditions that the offender checks in when supposed to and follows all the rules until the time has been done. An inmate is released when the parole board sees a certain amount of rehabilitation and when the board no longer sees the inmate as a threat to society. Mandatory release is when the inmate has had enough good behavior before he/she is due for release of prison.
According to the research that I have done to the current parole and mandatory release policies things have been confusing. From what I understand the current policy is that an inmate is to serve at least three months of his/her sentence before eligible for mandatory release. A person who is eligible for parole must serve a sentence of at least six months upon release.
For a better solution in the parole process I think that parole should be based on the crime in which was committed. When you have inmates that go to prison for murder they have the hope that in so many years they will be eligible for parole. Parole should be for those who get sentenced to prison one time. When you have more and more offenders that go to prison four to five times and yet still seemed to get paroled out within a certain amount of time.

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