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Parot Cove Research Paper

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My 2017 birthday was the best. I went to Parrot Cove ( Parrot Cove is a water park in Garden City, 30 min away from our houses) with my friends, Zarina, and Odaliz. My mom (Rosa) took us and my sister (Stefanny) wanted to come so she did. We had to pick up Odaliz in Garden City because she was at her dad's house which luckily is pretty close to Parrot Cove. I was so excited to get to the slides, I just couldn’t wait to get on them. When we finally got there , the water slides looked so fun to get on them. We were on our way to go on the slides when my mom told us that we had to check in first. After we checked in we went to change into our swimsuits. When we were all done, we opened the doors to walk in. I could feel the warm mist...

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