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Target Market Segment | UNIQUE Features | UNIQUE Benefits for the Features | Why these features and Benefits? | Market Segment Objective | Target Market 1Millennials | 1. 3 in 1 Primer, Concealer, and Foundation | 1. Provides fast easy application | 1. Good for parents to cut down application time who are in a rush. | Women between the ages of 18 and 35 tend to enjoy the ritual of putting on makeup in the mornings. Also they like to always look and feel their best and with our products they get great quality makeup that’s easy to put on, affordable, and gives them a natural look. | | 2. Has 14 different shades of liquid foundation | 2. larger variety for natural look to skin tone | 2. Provides a professional and appropriate natural look in the workplace | | | 3. All day long wear formula | 3. Long lasting makeup that doesn’t smear | 3. Works for parents who are always on the go. | | | 4. Anti-Aging formula | 4. Reduces wrinkles in mature consumers | 4. Makes mothers and middle aged women look and feel younger. | | | 5. Bundled Discounted prices | 5. Affordable products grouped together | 5. Most millennials are on a budget and are always looking for low prices. | | Target Market 2Teens | 1. 2 in 1 liquid foundation | 1. Convenience in application of product | 1. Easier for younger inexperienced women to put on | These young girls are very impressionable to new makeup habits and products, which gives CoverGirl the opportunity to start building brand loyalty when it matters most. We want to increase the sales of our products to teens by at least 8% and we will by targeting these features and benefits. | | 2. 36 shades of color lipstick | 2. Provides a selection of options to choose from | 2. Younger market loves being different and having more to choose from | | | 3. Medium to full coverage foundation | 3. assist in coverage of acne | 3. gives teens more security about acne | | | 4. Advice on CoverGirl website | 4.provides tips for application and finding the right shade | 4. Helps teens learn to apply correctly. | | | 5. No Clump Water Resistant Mascara | 5. For young adults who are always active | 5. Teens are always active and tend to mess up their makeup with sweat | |

Target Market | UVP (Unique Value Proposition) | Target Market 1 | Work all day? Makeup doesn’t last through the day? Try CoverGirl, we provide makeup that’s long lasting, easy to put on, and is affordable for all budgets. | Target Market 2 | Is there any makeup that you want to wear but your mom doesn’t approve? Does she say it costs too much? Well with CoverGirl you can buy clean, light, and natural products with great quality that’s affordable and MOM APPROVED!! |

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