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Part-Time Job

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BUS 010 2012 Project Proposal

Group: s57g1

Title: How social network affects society nowadays

Purpose: 1. We would like to find out the changes of social network. 2. How teenagers' behavior, self-esteem, lifestyle etc. influenced by social network. 3. Positive and negative effects of information flow of social network

Rationale: Nowadays, most of the teenagers whose age between thirteen and nineteen, use or communicate with their friends through social network every day, due to some advantages of convenience, fast information flow and trend, etc…. In 1997, the first recognizable social network site was launched, It allowed users to create profiles, list their Friends ,which began in 1998. It is beneficial to teenagers to keep contact with and make friends easily. Whether ICQ and AIM was built, that kind of the social network has became more popular. During 21st century, lots of social network excepted ICQ and AIM was built like Facebook , Weibo , Skype , MSN , QQ , twitter, which become the most popular social network and a lot of people are addicted to that kind of the social network especially teenagers. What does social network attract lots of people to use it? It is because of many useful function which help people to develop their social circle and keep interact with other, it become popular in the society. Social network sites (SNSs) such as such as Friendster, CyWorld, and MySpace allow individuals to present themselves, articulate their social networks, and establish or maintain...

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