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Part Time Student vs Full Time Students

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Strategies for success in education: Time management is more important for part-time students than full-time community college students.
Maccann, C., Fogarty, G. J. and Roberts, R. D. 2012. Strategies for success in education: Time management is more important for part-time than full-time community college students. Learning and Individual Differences, 22 (5), pp. 618--623.
This paper studies the relationships between the Big Five personality factors, time management, and A grade-point average in 556 community colleges students. A path model controlling for vocabulary, gender, and demographic covariates demonstrated that time management arbitrates the relationship between thoroughness and students' academic achievement at community college.
From the internal evidence of the sources that the authors cite, it is apparent that numerous overlapping fields provide a context for the paper. The academic journal the article is published usually presents results and discussion of the given study that was being held between 556 community college students. Another paper that I examined that was relevant to m y study was An Analysis of Student Satisfaction: Full-Time vs. Part-Time Students written by Ana I. Moro-Egido Æ Judith Panades. This paper studies how full-time or part-time status affects students’ level of contentment with their degree programs.
The data set was achieved from a graduate student analysis conducted at a community university in Spain from 2001 to 2004. The respondents were students who had successfully completed a Bachelor’s Program in Computing (BPC) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) (Moro-Egido and Panades, 2010).

Based on the main finding were that part-time students are not as happy with their degree programs, two key recommendations may be made. First, if students are viewed as
Patrons of college education, their fulfilment is essentially important to recognised success; more effective institutions will have more happy students and will therefore be able to recruit additional students more effortlessly. Second, degree programs should be reshaped through a view to guaranteeing the contentment of part-time students (Moro-Egido and Panades, 2010). This shows that not just time management influence the achievement of part time students but also other factors involving work and other commitments. Another paper titled Factors affecting bioscience students’ academic
Achievement written by Henna Rytko¨nen • Anna Parpala • Sari Lindblom-Yla¨nne •
Viivi Virtanen • Liisa Postareff agrees with my chosen article strategies for success in education: Time management is more important for part-time than full-time students.
The investigation of academic development has come to be an essential contrivance for determining the success of educational systems. Research regarding the association among student learning and how they develop in their studies.
The purpose of this reading is two-fold: Firstly, the study aims to analyse first-year bioscience students’ awareness of their teaching–learning surroundings and their methods to learning as well as the relationship of these to academic success as measured by
Students’ development in lessons and how they thrive. Secondly, the current reading investigate issues scholars feel moreover improve or obstruct their studying as well as the association of those issues with their style to learning and academic achievement. The data consist of replies from 188 first-year students who originated their studies in the fall 2007 and 2008. The data were composed in a Finnish setting with a modified and shortened version of the Experiences in Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (ETLQ). The studies were carried out using factor analysis, one-way ANOVA and structural equation modelling (Rytk\"onen et al, 2012).

The results of the existing study presented those students’ insights of the teaching, learning atmosphere were clearly connected with their tactics to learning. This duplicates the results of previous papers like the Strategies for success in education: Time management is more important for part-time than full-time community college students. Additionally, both students’ study success and their academic development associated most strongly with organised studying. This advocates that students who organise their studies, manage their time well plus put effort into their studying receive more recognitions and obtain greater results. This is moderately in line with previous research which shows a connection between strategic approach and course grades (Rytk\"onen et al, 2012).
This paper is set out in a formal of a formal research paper which presents the results of a primary research, and includes a method and a discussion of the results. The paper is organised into clear sections which include formal headings and under each formal heading there are multiple subheadings. It also contains a table which illustrates the reliability, descriptive statistics, and score differences by enrolment (full-time versus part-time), sex, and age (Maccann and Fogarty et al., 2012, pp. 618--623). A diagram is also added under results which explain the path model illustrating a mediation of carefulness by time management, with sex, age, and vocabulary as a continuous control variable that is observed rather than manipulated but can affect the outcome of an experiment or study (Maccann and Fogarty et al., 2012, pp. 618—623). There is also a diagram under the formal heading discussion and the subheading summary which is labelled the standardized path figures illustrates the mediation of the conscientiousness-GPA relationship by time management (Maccann and Fogarty et al., 2012, pp. 618--623). The key points are set out under each formal heading and then under each formal heading there are subheadings.
The writer does express himself clearly and briefly. The language is relatively easy to understand except for a few words that you have to look up the meaning for. The language used is both formal and engaging it is set out formally but the words used also engages the reader. The language use does suit the audience because of the way it is set out, it is easy to understand and the layout is easy to understand.
The argument is that full-time students have more succession in community college than part-time students. This study demonstrates that time management is important to be successful in community college. The author persuades the reader by explaining how they obtained the results and he includes that in the method where he explains the participants and the procedures. He then goes in detail with the results obtained and put them in various tables to make it easier for the reader to understand. He then goes into discussing the results to make the results clearer once again. The author makes a few assumptions with proceeding with the paper the main assumption is that students judge their time management accordingly and accurately and that they are honest with themselves on how much time they actually spent doing certain activities like watching TV and socialising.
All of the results are primary research because it is an evaluation and results of his own study that was conducted. The rest of the paper which includes the introduction and the method includes secondary research we can make this conclusion due to the multiple in text referencing that is seen throughout the paper. The author referenced over a dozen of sources but only used a few for in text referencing which shows that he has done the research but not everything was included in the paper. the author’s original research comes into the method and the sub heading participants where he explaines the different type of race that was included in the participants this included him showing the following percentages in the paper 47% reported being White, 17% African-American, 20% Hispanic, 6% Asian, while 9% indicated “other.” In order to attain something of a descriptive model of community colleges, these students were drawn from 20 organizations from all four regions of the USA(Maccann and Fogarty et al., 2012, pp. 618--623).
The purpose of the paper was to show that time management was more important for part-time than full-time community college students. The author has made the assumptions that all students have evaluated their time accurately and honestly. The strengths of the paper is that the results are easily understood and that the paper is set out clearly with headings so that you can tell what part is what, some of the weaknesses is that the paper is quite long and after a while of reading it, it gets boring and you start losing concentration.
This analysis show that time management is more important for part-time student than full-time students. However it also shows that time management is important to achieve overall satisfaction. The study demonstrates that determination is important in all areas of schooling whether it is high school or community college. In addition, these factors are particularly significant for part-time students, establishing that noncognitive constructs may have an important role to play in lifelong learning (Maccann and Fogarty et al., 2012, pp. 618--623).
Reference list * Maccann, C., Fogarty, G. J. and Roberts, R. D. 2012. Strategies for success in education: Time management is more important for part-time than full-time community college students. Learning and Individual Differences, 22 (5), pp. 618--623. * Moro-Egido, A. and Panades, J., 2010. An analysis of student satisfaction: Full-time vs. part-time students. Social indicators research, 96(2), pp.363--378. * Rytk\"onen, H., Parpala, A., Lindblom-Yl\"anne, S., Virtanen, V. and Postareff, L., 2012. Factors affecting bioscience students’ academic achievement. Instructional Science, 40(2), pp.241--256.…...

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