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Partial Healthcare Business Analysis

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Health Care Business Analysis
Tina Leggett
HCS / 577
July 31, 2016
University of Phoenix

Health Care Business Analysis
When creating a new budget within the healthcare field it can be somewhat difficult. It is very important that effective management of the financial practices be utilized when making a spreadsheet or balance sheet. All data related to the budget should be used even if some of the numbers or minor items do not look like much but still have an effect towards the numbers. An operating budget should be presented with all the appropriate schedules and statements that are supporting the documentation that is presented from the hospital or entity (Finkler,2013)
Creating the 2010 Budget Budgeting for a hospital or other entity is created to budget and prepare for the process of

budget building and to monitor the budget for any errors throughout the year. Each company will

decided on the best way to set up the budget to suit the needs of their company. Patton Fuller

will have to look at each department to see what happens with each department to adjust the type

of budget for each individual department.

All departments are divided within the budget per each shift such as nursing and equipment

being used. The budget is being based on making decisions that have been projected and allows

identifying patient and assumptions used in budget balancing for 2010 (Gapenski,2012).

Decision making for creating the budget is made up of statements that will allocate and achieve

Different budgets for PFCH for a period of time such as 3 months to 6 months with adjustments

being made along the way depending on the usage of equipment, electric and wages per nursing


Managers and personnel involved in the budgeting process need to look at all internal and

external factors when...

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