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Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices

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Assessment Project – Participate in environmentaly sustainable work practices

I decide to choose Mc Donald's as the organisation for my research because I worked for them during 3 years between 2008 and 2011 and I was very interesting to study their environmental sustainability around the globe. Mc Donald's is a huge corporation implanted in almost every country around the world. Their impact on the environment is massive, and I remarked that since couple of years, their marketinig tent to go toward environmental care and transparence, and I thought it will be interesting to focus my researches into it.

1.What ressources does the organisation use?

As an international fast food organisation, Mc Donald's disposes of a huge system of resources which has a massive impact on the environment. They use all primary resources as water, food (meet, dairies, veggies, fruits...), energy ( as electricity, gaz, fuel petrol) in a huge amount to provide all the restaurants, offices, charity foundations ect.
For instance, just in Australia in a year, Mc Donal's use: more than 381 million hamburger buns more tha 86 million of English muffins more than 83 million kilos of potatoes 26 million kilos of beef 18 million kilos of chicken more than 91 million eggs more than 10 millions australian fresh grown product as tomatoes and letuce 720 000 kilos of slliced and diced apples 1,5 million kilos of coffee beans (from Rainfores Alliance) 43 millions litres of milk

Some Mc Donald's restaurants participate to the Sydney Water Use Programm (95 restaurants) and the study shows that they're using in average 746 000 litres of water per day, which is 7 853 litres of water used in a day per restaurant.
The organisation is still bit blurry about its energy use. Inded, in their report they just say that a restaurant energy use is currently (in...

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