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Participatory Art Analysis

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If interactive art lets the audience to be build their own and close relationship, in participatory art, the participator will be able to create the situations and boundaries. In participatory art, the environment might be not the interactive ones, nevertheless, the participants are the subject of artwork and their participation is the objective of the artwork. As Bishop says, the Artistic practice can no longer revolve around the construction of objects to be consumed by a passive bystander. Instead, there must be an art of action, interfacing with reality, taking steps – however small – to repair the social bond. In participatory art, Social activism as an aim is reachable through the action, doing, and living of participants. Participatory …show more content…
On the other hand, the multimedia visual artist Pedro Lasch collaborated with a group of “Sonidero” DJ’s on a party at an art center in Mexico City, and he called the social interactions leading to, and including, the public event an artwork co-authored by a range of participants—including the people who simply showed up for the event. Participatory art exists under a variety of overlapping headings, including interactive, relational, cooperative, activist, dialogical, and community-based art. In some cases, participation by a range of people creates an artwork, in others the participatory action is itself described as the …show more content…
The Happenings were presented to small, intimate gatherings of people in lofts, classrooms, and some of the offbeat galleries, where a clearing was made for the activities. The watchers sat very close to what took place, with the artists and their friends acting along with assembled environmental constructions. The audience occasionally changed seats as in a game of musical chairs, turned around to see something behind it, or stood without seats in tight but informal clusters. Sometimes, too, the event moved in and amongst the crowd, which produced some movement on the latter’s part. But, however flexible these techniques were in practice, there was always an audience in one (usually static) space and a show given in

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