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Patelco(B) Case Study


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Assignment2: Patelco (B) Case Study

1. Develop minimum cost staffing plans for each of the 4 call centers. Substitute the data we got from the case study: into formula:
. When Wq<1, minimum “C for ASA” can be found. Thus run the excel sheet based on the formula we can get the minimum cost staffing plans. Minimum “C for ASA” for each call centers and employees’ 8-hour shifts are such as the following:

The total “C for ASA” for each call center is: 271, 67, 57, and 73. The number of minimum stuff for each center is: 23, 6, 5, and 6. The total number of the staffs needed in four call centers is 23+6+5+6= 40 people.

2. What’s the effect on costs of staff when ASA=10s? (General Call Center)

ASA=1 when it was 60s, so ASA=0.17 when it turns to 10s. So the numbers “C for ASA” changed as illustrated in picture1, and the manual solution changed as illustrated in picture2. Picture1 Picture2

We can see that as the ASA requirement is reduced to 10 seconds, in order to let Wq less than 0.17, more staffs are needed. The total “C for ASA” here is 318, 47 more than the situation of 60 seconds. And the total number of staff is 27, 4 more people are needed comparing to the situation of 60 seconds.

3. ASA=60s. Cross selling proposal: Average call length increase to 5 minutes. What’s the effect? What cross-sell capture ratio will make this a cost effective proposition?

In this case, μ turns to be 60s/300s (5min)=0.2. The number of “C for ASA” and Manual solution changed as the following:

The Cost in this situation= Number of staff * salary/hour = 46 * $22/h =$1012
Cross-sell capture ratio= Cost/Total = $1012/ (362+284+160+392+152) =75%
(Data of Total is from the Exhibit 3 of reading material Patelco(B))

4. Would CTI be profitable if implemented at the General Call

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