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Patient Self-Determination Act1

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Patient Self=Determination Act

The Patient Self Determination Act is there to give every adult and minor who has gotten emancipated the right to make their own decision which also include being able to decide what happens for their medical treatments if needed, this is by federal law. Each person is given the right to make the choice of what each individuals believes is the best for them. Advance directives which according to google it is defined as “A written statement of a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment” This can include a living will, or any wishes that they want carried out is that person is unable to talk with the doctor. Within this Patient Self Determination Act, it not only protects the patient is also protecting the healthcare institution when they have to determine what is best for the patient(s) as well.
Some types of advance directives would be: A popular one is the DNR, which stands for Do Not Resuscitate. This includes the patient not to be given CPR if the patient stops breathing or their heart stops. Another one is to be an organ or tissue donor, the patient has to give the hospital a yes or no to this question because, that way the hospital is able to remove the organs and tissues for medical study and use. Let’s talk about a couple other advance directives. Power of attorney for health care, this is basically giving a person the power to decided what is needed for the patient, however this is only in the case when a person becomes mentally incapable of making decisions themselves. A living will, this is a document that will explain treatments or if one needs life support, it gives the doctors an idea well not an idea it gives the doctors the instructions if someone is to make the patient terminally ill. It’s like a set of instructions, this information is usually in regards to...

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