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Patricia C. Wrede's Calling On Dragons

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Mendanbar’s sword is missing?! In the fiction book entitled, Calling on Dragons, by Patricia C. Wrede, Morwen and her friends, Telemain, Cimorene, Brandel, Killer, Scorn, and Trouble go on an adventure through and beyond the Enchanted Forest to find Mendanbar’s, the King of the Enchanted Forest’s, sword. They find that the sword is missing when they first go to figure out what caused Killer, a rabbit, to turn into a seven foot, eleven inch, blue donkey with large wings. When they found that Killer had eaten a clover patch that had been invaded by wizards, they decided to inform the King and Queen about it. Starting from the beginning, knock! Knock! Knock! Morwen encounters a visitor. It was Chairwitch Archaniz. She came to tell her about the complaints the Deadly Nightshade Gardening Club has been getting …show more content…
Mendanbar’s sword. When Brandel walked into the room, he immediately recognized the room. “That house belongs to Arona Michaelear Grinogion Vamist.” The following day, the group decided to go to Arona’s house and reclaim the sword. When there, they planned to have Telemain and Brandel go to the front door and distract Arona and Antorell while Cimorene and Morwen snuck in through the back and grabbed the sword. When they got inside they reached for the sword when Cimorene suddenly could not move. “What happened?” Morwen said out loud. Antorell stepped inside and said, “I am what has happened!” Antorell explained to them how the Society of Wizards had transported themselves to the Enchanted Forest to take back the power that was “rightfully” theirs. While Antorell was busy explaining to Cimorene, Morwen jumped forward, grabbed the sword off the table, and swept the flat side of the blade up against Cimorene’s

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