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Patterns of Evolution

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Patterns of Evolution

When it comes to natural selection there is pressure for all organisms that have reproduction. I just don’t think there is that much for humans because of the advantages that we have, such as brain functions which helps invent items for everyday living in different types of environments. Having a population with differences among the herd, there would be conflict on who fits better with the habitat and who doesn’t. For example, that is why there is so much prejudice, racism, war, and killings going on in the human environment. Just like in some animal species, if one of them doesn’t fit into their pack or have a deformity, they will more than likely kill them. The process of unrelated organisms evolving to become similar in appearances and behavior is known as convergent evolution. An example of these would be rodents that are distant relatives that live in the dessert. In divergent evolution closely related species living in different environments and facing different environmental challenges sometimes evolve dissimilar characteristics. Some of these bones make up human arms, dog limbs, horse legs, and bat wings. They all have the same origin, but all have very different morphology and very different uses. Adaptive radiation is where a number of species evolved from a single ancestral species. Honeycreeper which is a breed of birds found off the Hawaiian Islands is a great example of adaptive radiation. Then there is co-evolution which is the process by which two organisms become so well adapted to each other that they often limit other organisms from entering the equation. An example of this would be cheetahs and gazelle’s in Africa. They are both fast, yet still one is faster than the other, therefore the faster of the two uses the other as food. The one example that I choose for humans is co-evolution. Humans think that they are...

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