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Patton and Bradley

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Both Generals Omar Bradley and George Patton were undoubtedly great battlefield commanders. While they both came from different backgrounds they both were intelligent men. Patton was born to a military family in California and Bradley was the son of a schoolteacher in Missouri. They were both graduates of West Point. One thing that I found interesting was the fact that in Africa, Bradley served under Patton and in Europe Patton served under Bradley. Bradley stated that Patton was a soldier first and the greatest example of this was even though Patton was his superior in service by six years, he never questioned the decision for Bradley to be his superior in the 12th Army Group. Patton was often outspoken and seemed to receive criticism for some of his comments and actions, including the all famous slapping incident. However, it is of note that happened on his way to Bradley’s Headquarters and when Bradley heard about the incident from Patton he felt that he would have done the same thing. Patton was said to have been a “glory hound” and quick to anger to the point that he would often overstep his bounds when it came to disciplining troops. Bradley was more of the calm and collected type personality, and is commonly referred to as the GIs General. There is an instance that Bradley was observed refusing the help of his Aide and smoothing out the ground with an entrenching tool for his bed. He expected his subordinates to get the job done and was quick to replace those he felt didn’t, actually relieving more commanders than Patton. Again, both men were great commanders, but if I had to choose one over the other it would be Bradley. The reason would be because my uncle, 2LT Lloyd Jeffreys, served under Bradley and said that he gave you an air of confidence that if you fought for him there wasn’t an enemy that could stand in your way.
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