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* Leading manufacturer in Australia’s branded frozen food industry. * Largest Pie Company in Australia * Industry : Frozen Food Industry (frozen savoury, desert and fruit products) * Australian based company with headquarters and production facilities are in Bairnsdale. * 1% sales from exports (US), looking to expand (Market & Products) to Asia with halal products

INDUSTRY VALUE CHAIN * PFL does not sell directly to consumers, sells to retailers and foodservice outlets. * Distribution: In-Home (retailers where products are bought for home consumption) * Out-of-Home (foodservice outlets where products are bought ready for consumption).

Raw Materials -> Manufacturers -> Distributors -> Retailers -> Customers (See 2.9) * Both categories increased in revenue * In-Home Sales * Out-of-Home Sales * New products, across all channels increased Sales – owners assisted to rapid entry into the market * Deserts business growing, Nanna’s & Creative gourmets and maintaining market leadership. * Change in internal sales management – investment into sales resources. * Relocation of fruit packing operation from NSW to Bairnsdale (Vic). This reduced cost base of product and enable the product to remain very competitive

PROFITABILITY * Manufacturing efficiencies are the key driver for profitability * Increased economies of scale through investment. * Strong relationship with major supermarkets
* Monetary incentives to staff * Maintain and build up high performance culture
STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK * Build the base * Develop & grow * Expand & extend

How would you define the industry to be analysed?
Under the frozen food industry it would be considered broad for it is not limited to just one style of food type the provide:-
1 Savoury...

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