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Paul and Jesus

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At the beginning of Christianity stand two figures: Jesus and Paul. Jesus is regarded by Christians as the founder of their religion, in that the events of his life comprise the foundation story of Christianity; but Paul is regarded as the great interpreter of Jesus' mission, who explained, in a way that Jesus himself never did. The Question of what t would Jesus himself have thought of Paul?. But Jesus never knew Paul, the two men never once met. The disciples who knew Jesus best, such as Peter, James and John, have left no writings behind them explaining how Jesus seemed to them or what they considered his mission to have been. Did they agree with the interpretations disseminated by Paul in his fluent articulate writings. Nor did they perhaps think that this newcomer to the scene, spinning complicated theories about the place of Jesus in the scheme of things, was getting everything wrong. Paul claimed that his interpretations were not just his own invention, but had come to him by personal inspiration; he claimed that he had personal acquaintance with the resurrected Jesus, even though he had never met him during his lifetime. Such acquaintance, he claimed, gained through visions and transports, was actually superior to acquaintance with Jesus during his lifetime. Which is why when it comes to discussing the relation between Jesus and Paul, it is better to begin with Paul. Due to the fact Paul is more easily known than Jesus. Which can be admitted on all sides. Jesus wrote nothing; all the records of his words are the reports of others. The trustworthiness of the records of his life is at present a matter of dispute. Yet even if the most favorable estimate of the Gospel narration that we have adopted, Jesus remains far more incomprehensible than Paul. Only when the picture of gospel is accepted in its entirety that the sense of mystery in the presence of...

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