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Paul Is Dead

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An Ode to the Beatles…

In 1957, John Lennon had begun a band called the Blackjacks who later became the Quarry Men and later that year invited Paul McCartney to join the group. The lineup that McCartney joined featured Lennon, Eric Griffiths on guitar, Len Garry on "tea-chest" bass, Pete Shotton on "washboard" and Colin Hanton on drums. In February 1958 the young guitarist George Harrison joined the group, which was then playing under a variety of names. Recordings of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison from that year still exist. During this period, members continually joined and left the line up. Lennon, McCartney and Harrison were the only constant members. Hanton left in 1959.

The group became a regular gig at the Cashashm which was formed by Mona Best—the mother of the early drummer Pete Best. The band had gone through some rough times and even through a few names before become the Beatles. Brian Epstein, the record producer, told them that Pete Best would have to stop drumming so they could invite a better drummer in. Ringo Starr from Rory Storm and the Hurricanes was pulled in because they favored him (and the band also lost to his band in an old contest). With John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Stuart Sutcliffe doing the guitar and vocals, while Ringo Starr was handling drums, and finally George Harrison handling bass with vocals every now and then, the band had begun to release singles. Stuart left the band in 1961 and died the next year from a brain hemmorage. But even without the help of Stuart, the band had gone to America to completely rock the world.

Though many say otherwise, the Beatles were actually more of a Pop band than a Rock band, but this alone had caused them to out sell their biggest competitor Elvis Presley. Both artists had appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, but Elvis Presley had more viewers. With only 76 million viewers, compared to...

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