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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

System Analysis and Design-SAD 003
October 2012

Part 1 – Summary of Proposal

System Title: “Payroll System for BLV Courier Express”

Proponents of the System

Name: Joseph Arjay S. Sison
Adress: 16 3rd Street, Felicidad Village III, Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal
Contact Details: 997-1985/0922-861-3937

Description of the System

The system is designed as storage of data and information of every payroll of the client. It will ease the clients/users when they search data from the past payrolls. The people that will benefit from the system are the owner and the supervisor of each branch office/business area. The system will let the supervisor to store raw data on day-to-day basis and it will serve as their daily monitoring reports. The system will generate the Payroll when the period where the salary of each employee will be computed arrives, in the client’s case; salaries of employees are paid every last day of the month, therefore the system will generate the Payroll one day before the pay day. The system generates the Payroll by tallying the total jobs done by each employee, then multiply it to its corresponding rate, then computes the salary deductions (i.e.: Income Tax Withheld). The system will let either the owner or the supervisor to look or produce a hard copy of reports in a certain month that can be specified by the user.

Project Scope and Limitation
I – Scope
* Inputs data of Deliverables, Disconnection, and Reconnection Daily Monitoring Report
* Updates data of Reports
* Displays current and past reports
II – Limitation

* The system will save data given by the client
* The system will compute the salary of each employee depending on the given data of the…...