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Presented to the Faculty of the Computer Science Department Palawan Polytechnic College Incorporated Puerto Princesa City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Victor C. Mahayahay



Mahayahay, Victor C., Computerized Personnel Payroll System, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science IV, Palawan Polytechnic College Inc. 2012.

Adviser: Mr. Francis A. Alterado

This project aimed to design and develop as ., Computerized Personnel Payroll System.

The researcher would automate the process of the payroll system and managing computations on time for timely payslip issuance to the employees.

The proponents gather instruments and materials to build the system, flowchart and data flow diagrams (DFD) were used. CPPRS would be very effective than the manually operated procedure.


A special word of thanks to the following persons:

My Father who is always there to be my guide, encouragement and financial needs.

Mr. Francis A. Alterado, for all his critics, suggestions that made me more stronger and positive thinker.

My classmates and friends who made my college life unforgettable,

Above all, God Almighty for his providence and for the success of this study.



To my family..
My teachers Mam Grace, Sir Boyet
My classmate and friends and most of all to our God Almighty for his providence.


Chapter I


The use of Computer Based system is becoming well-known nowadays due to the...

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