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Area of Assessment 2
Weakness 3
WEAKNESS: When jumping a fence you should take up the jumping position, which involves the rider centered over her feet, with the stirrup leathers perpendicular to the ground. Continuing a line upwards from the stirrup leathers, the head and shoulders fall in front of the line, as do the knees, the hips fall behind it. A correct jumping position gives the horse the freedom to jump the obstacle, allowing it to keep the forelegs and hind legs tight, thereby decreasing the chance of a rail down or a fall. It also provides the rider the support needed to stay out of the horse's way while still maintaining a secure seat so that the horse is less likely to fall on landing. The problem I have is that I look down when going over the fence. This could hinder my performance as I would have less chance of knowing where I was, and also it may affect my overall position.

EFFECTS- consider effects on both technique and overall performance

CORRECT TECHNICAL MODEL – make a direct comparison between your technique to that of an elite performer.
Named Elite performer:- Ellen Whitaker
Having watched Ellen Whitaker perform a round of show jumping, showing the jumping position over every fence and compared her to myself, I can see that I look down instead of up and forwards, the way I’m heading. Ellen performs the jumping position perfectly, her legs stay nice and bent and powerful. She folds her body forward at the hips, but not too far forward, as doing this would put most of your weight over the front on the horse and may cause the horse to fall or trip when landing. She also gives her hands forwards to allow the horse to stretch its neck over the fence. Whereas when I show jump,

SECTION C – CORRECTION- relevant theory topic covered in depth and explain how it will correct the weakness.
SECTION C – CAUSE- relevant theory topic covered in depth and explain why it causes the weakness

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