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I’m writing you this additional worksheet because I love you very much and I want us all to have an easier time putting our efforts into this thing grrrrrness

In general, please remember that in the RRL * NOTHING of your own input should be in the chapter. Whatever data you’ve collected from Bambang is applicable to the Data and Analysis. * This chapter is basically dedicated to the borrowing of information from other sources relevant to your cause, and the organizing of it in a sensible manner. * I divided the RRL proper into three parts: the macro-level matter (government efforts, etc., to let me know that the problem is relevant to the Philippines), the research specific to your topic (to let me read up on concepts that are important to your research problem) and related studies or articles (to show me that similar formal research endeavors have been made and make your research a necessary complement to the growing pool of knowledge).

A. SOURCES a. What kinds of sources I could be expecting from each part: i. Macro-level = articles from newspapers about government efforts, pertinent information from reputable government online databases ii. Research specific to your topic = information from books specific to your topic (ex. the subject of the family from a psychology book) iii. Related studies = case studies from periodicals or databases from scholarly journals or relevant news articles b. What makes a source relevant? iv. How much does it help your topic? v. How verifiable is the information? (would you want your entire Talaban paper to be based on blog reports or Wiki articles?) vi. How recent is the source? (don’t give me any research dated earlier than 1950 because the conditions of the world have changed a lot since then)

B. CITATION c. Any sentence that you lift, paraphrase or summarize from anyone else should be cited. Any paragraph that draws inspiration from someone else’s data should be cited. Be religious about this. If not, it could constitute charges of plagiarism. d. In-text citation: vii. You may paraphrase viii. You may summarize ix. You may quote directly e. To see the correct format of in-text citation being used in action, refer to the RRL of my thesis, or visit for a helpful and comprehensive guide.

C. THE USE OF ACADEMIC LANGUAGE f. ALWAYS use the passive voice. No mention of ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘I’, etc. Instead of writing “our group found research from this article that said blablabla”, write “research found from this article revealed blablabla”, and so on. g. Avoid judgmental, emotional or moralistic words, i.e. “the research concludes that children nowadays are immoral”. Be as objective as possible. If you’re drawing from a source that uses this kind of language, either paraphrase to remove that connotation or quote it directly so that I know that your insight was taken from someone else’s opinion. h. Do not color any part of this chapter with your own or your group’s opinion. What you are supposed to collect is your assessment of related information as valuable and complementary to your research. Absolutely no “we think _______, this should be done, that should be done”, etc. i. Along this line of thought, this chapter should not be instructive. You can say that your source suggests these measures, i.e. “according to Warren (2011), students should be conscientious about in-text citation” (p. 9), as opposed to “in summary, we should be conscientious about in-text citation”.

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