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Peace March

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My word, what a program Capital Talk of 3rd October proved to be, guests included Imran Khan (PTI), Marie Ann Wright (US former diplomat) and Lauren Booth (Britsh journalist). The show was hosted by Hamid Mir and its agenda was to talk on the issue of Drone attacks and Waziristan Peace March.
Hamid Mir proved to be comparatively better anchor than other hosts such as Sana Bucha, Asma Shirazi and Javed Chaudhary, etc. He was moving on with questions instead of asking same questions repeatedly. Biggest surprise for me were responses given by the two foreign guests; they seemed to be more Pakistani than any so-called anchor, analyst, or politician from PPP, PMLN, MQM and ANP etc., kudos to them for speaking out truth with courage and audacity.
Imran Khan, as usual, was solid in his responses and clear on his stances. He did not budge even for a moment when he declared that once the proper voice has been raised in front of United States and within United Nations against the use of Drones in Pakistan, he will order the PAF to shoot down any invading aircraft that violates the sovereignty of Pakistan’s by entering its air space. This is a normal procedure followed by all countries as per UN charter. Marie Ann and Lauren Booth supported Khan in this, though Ann hoped that it will not come to this.
Furthermore, the foreign guests confirmed what most neutral, honest and patriotic analysts in Pakistan have been stating continuously, according to them the media abroad is being used to manipulate people in western countries where all Pakistanis and Afghans (Muslims in general) are being portrayed as terrorists. That is the sole reason why USA and NATO forces have been able to continue with their Drone attacks without any resistance from their countrymen.
What will Pakistan get out of this peace march? Will it solve the problems of normal people? Will it solve energy crises? Will it stop drone attacks? Will it stop target killings? Will it revive the economy of Pakistan? These and such other question have been going around in Pakistan media recently, where all sold-out status quo supporting writers, anchors, and analysts have been using them to play down peace march repeatedly.
Agreed, that the peace march might not act as a magic pill, and might not be able to stop drone attacks on the same day but it will surely expose the unethical and inhumane side of such warfare. It will surely also provide original view of what is happening on the ground zero in Pakistan to the people living around the globe. This in the long run will prove to be a stepping stone and the first drop of rain to stop this reign of terror. Once this endless war is over, Pakistan can put its resources (90 billion a month) in all the other factors such as economy, energy crises, and peace within its boundaries. So yes! This peace march will act as the base for solving all those other matters too.
Last two governments of Pakistan (Musharaf and Zardari) did not have guts to stand in front of pressure imposed by the US led NATO forces and fell flat on their face. This provided US government free hand to do whatever they deemed beneficial for their own cause without any consideration of losses and grief suffered by Pakistanis. Army on the other hand saw it beneficial to put the ball in democratic government’s court by seeking their order to shoot down drones. They understood that a government coming in power with help of NRO will never issue such orders providing opportunity to the army to come clean. Furthermore, if such an order was given, the government would have been responsible for any backlash which resulted from it.
After an undecided war of over 8 years it is painfully clear that previous government and the current government both at national or provincial levels were not interested in taking steps required to finish this useless, directionless, and unethical war. Furthermore, all those in power have shown no interest in deriving any plan of action for peace in northern areas along with Baluchistan and Sindh in future. At the moment we are in a situation where the only way to come out of this ‘war of terror’ is to give awareness to people in western countries so that they can pressurise their governments to stop bombing innocent civilians.
In my opinion, this march will kick start the process required to finish this useless war. Those who will participate, for me, would be considered as Heroes of not only Pakistan, but that of the whole world. They are taking risk to bring peace and harmony to whole of the world along with our beloved country. I salute you O brave ones, my best wishes are with you, and I pray for your success. May Allah be your guide and protector, and helps us all in achieving something which this world is in dire need of.
Writer is a Lecturer, Systems Analyst, and Management Consultant

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