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This presentation seeks to compare and contrast the Central African Post and The Northern Rhodesia News by looking at their establishment, Editorial Policies and objectives. The second part of the presentation will discuss the behavior of Government Officials regarding newsprint, especially surrounding Welensky’s paper.
The Central African Post was published on the 12th of April 1948 by Dr. Scott. He was not a journalist but a retired physician. This was the first paper to be published in Lusaka. The first editorial stated that the paper was going to be a link between government and the people, it was to show the people the activities and inertias of the government, it was also to have a close view on political personalities.
The Post had very clearly defined stands on most on most of the key political issues it published. Out of the 188 editorials only 13 were in the “neutral” category this shows that the post was a very outspoken paper on the Federation and Welensky, the relationship between blacks and whites, and on its relationship with the Northern Rhodesian Government. It rarely left readers in doubt as to its stand on these issues. The fact that two-thirds of the editorials were in the against category indicates that the newspaper liked to serve as opposition, most of its opposition was against Welensky and the Federation.
In the begging the paper bitterly opposed the Federation and Welensky who was repeatedly called a liar. Dr. Scott used his paper to campaign for a Federal seat in the Federation at Salisbury. In 1954, the paper had no option but to turn around and support the Federation but reluctantly supported Welensky. The paper did not criticize the white settlers often, in its lifetime there wre only two articles editorials when it criticized the settlers one of them was a strike by white rail-workers, t condemned white settlers for not being…...