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The Peanutty Food & Company
To start off Peanutty should first establish an integrated vision of their supply chain. This will give them some kind of direction needed to progress. In order to ensure the supply of raw materials for its operations, I think it’s a great idea to try and gain more customers that will supply them with raw materials. It states that some companies do send them some raw materials because they are also a service provider. This includes the preparation of food items for large companies in the sector such as fillings and marshmallows. These companies provide them with packaging and labels. Having more companies helping them out will ensure that they receive their supply. They would always have a backup supply readily available.
In order to keep production cost they should only bring in the amount of raw materials that are needed. Doing this will save money on resources that are not being used.
As for dealing with Peanutty’s suppliers I don’t’ think there is much they can do to manage the powers because there are so few suppliers. One way that may be helpful is to start importing the material. Although geographically it is much cheaper and easier to get products from the producers close, having another source will give Peanutty more power when it comes to supply chain activities and operations. I feel that a reason that customers and suppliers pretty much have all the power is because they can probably sense that Peanutty is very unorganized and therefore weak. They could change this by letting the workers know the direction and goals of Peanutty. The supervisor complains a lot that the production plans are not met, so if they let the workers know what the plans is this would give them a stronger image.
A way that they could maximize cost would be
I think that they should have a matrix type structure. There should be a top manager for...

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