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There were many different Hispanic Floridians who brought florida together. One of them was Pedro Menendez Marquez. Pedro Menendez Marquez was a spanish military officer and governor of La Florida. He brought hope to floridians , in a rough time by helping reoccupy Parris island in Port Royal Sound with military force under his command. It is unknown when Pedro was born, but people believe he was born in 1499 in Asturias, Spain. He was the son of Marquis Alonso and Maria Alonso Arango and had four siblings. Pedro started to serve with his uncle Pedro Menendez de Aviles in about 1548. When Pedro Menendez de Aviles was preparing his voyage to found a colony in Florida, he appointed Pedro Menendez Marquez as second-in-command of the fleet of ships sailing to Florida. After the founding of St. Augustine, Marquez was told to carry the official report back to Spain. Although he was not the first he wasńt the first to bring the news of success to King Philip ll, the king still awarded him with 300 gold ducats. After, Marquez loaded on supplies and sailed to Florida. …show more content…
He was married to Maria de Miranda, according to the will of Pedro Menendez de Aviles. Marquez had arranged a wedding for his nephew Juan Menéndez Márquez, to marry his niece, María Menéndez de Posada. Juan later became the royal treasurer for Spanish Florida. According to Marquez, when he governed Florida, got his salary through the situado and the other half from selling fruit. Marquez and his nephew were supposingly reported to have behaved strangely and improperly with the town's women. They derived married women from their homes and forcing them to participate in mock military musters. As well as taking other women on picnics to a deserted island, and using them as they

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