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Question 1
a) Discuss the ways an entrepreneur can improve communication and hold effective meetings.

In general, communication is a process which means of connecting people. Communication happens anywhere for various reasons such as exchange information, ideas, express feelings and emotions. As for entrepreneurs, communication is important to them to communicate with their stakeholders or employee as well as their customers so a good communication skill is important for them. Thus, entrepreneurs need to improve their communication skill in order to communicate effectively with others.

One of the many ways to improve communication skill is by having confidence when communicate with others. Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, skills and experience as well as from a positive mind. It’s a key component of being an effective communicator. For instance, John had just invented a new vacuum cleaner technology and he is looking for investor to invest to mass produce his creation. In order to gain his potential investor confidence over his product, John needs to prepare himself well with all possible questions from them. A good preparation will help John increase his confidence level when communicating with them.

Beside self-confidence, sending a clear message is also important when communicating. Before a message is being sent out, ones need to ensure that the message they going to send out are clear for themselves. If the message is unclear for their own, that is how the messages will be communicated. Communication is two ways process which involve sending and receiving thus ones also need to understand messages they...

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