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Peer Advocacy

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The role of a homeless health peer advocate is to support a client’s experiencing homelessness to address their physical health issues through various services such as Find and Treat (Tuberculosis X-Ray Screening service), Hepatitis and Latent Tuberculosis, hospital visits, targeted advocacy and health promotion through in-reach coffee mornings at hostels and homeless day centers.
Peer advocates supports clients to attend medical appointments and make choices about what next and give practical support in attending follow up appointments and hospital stays. To support clients to address their health needs advocates help find information about health and health services for clients to address their health needs. Advocacy is central in supporting clients and homeless health peers cannot give health advice or tell the client what is in their best interest nor give support in other areas that is not health related, e.g. attending benefit center appointments. A client's situation cannot be discussed with anyone without the consent from client. Advocates do not work with any clients whose behavior poses a risk to the peer advocate and never collect a client from private accommodation or enter their rooms at hostels. Arrangements will be made to collect clients in public areas.
The uniqueness of peer advocacy is evident at health in reach sessions and coffee morning which provides regular presence to build a good report with residents through informal chats about health and wellbeing. When attending appointments with clients advocates gets to attend various departments and engage with healthcare providers sharing knowledge and learning about the different settings in healthcare.
Supporting homeless specialist nurses and radiographers through the HALT and Find and Treat services is excellent in gaining knowledge to build on the unique experience peer advocates have...

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