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Peer Pressure "Come on you guys! Let's just skip math class. Who wants to take that math quiz, anyway? I'm gonna go get some lunch instead. Don't you all want to come, too? Let's go!" demands the best kid in your class. Everyone goes along with him. Would you do what you know is right and go to math class? Or would you just go along with the others because you don't want to be left out? As you grow older, you will see that sometimes, you will face some challenging situations. Sometimes, they don't have any obvious right or wrong answer – you just have to make your mind. In other times, you have to make decisions that include serious ethical questions, like the situation that you saw, the one about cutting math class. Making your own choices …show more content…
It's just human nature learn and follow other people in your age group. Peers can have a positive effect on each other. One student in your math class may have taught you how to remember the order of operations. You might admire a friend or peer who is really smart in school and try to be more like him. Positive peer pressure can even be used the pressure bullies into behaving nicer to other kids around them! If enough kids get together, peers can steer each other into doing the right thing! My third example here is done in two ways: you got a call from a friend while you are at a movie theater; your peers would tell you to quiet down. You might also look around and see that everyone is staying quiet, so you might act the same. Whichever way it happened, you were influenced by your peers to act in some way, in this case, staying quiet in the movie theater. These are examples of positive influence from peers …show more content…
You should hang out with kids who share the same values and interests as you. Good friends don't judge you on superficial stuff like how you dress or look. They won't make you feel bad for doing what you like, or saying no to things you think are wrong. It can be powerful for one kid to join another by simply saying, "I'm with you – let's go." A good friend can come in handy, too. When you are under a high pressure situation, friends can stick together with you and support you. Hanging out with people who like doing similar stuff may help you avoid a situation where you feel pressured into things you don't want to do. Remember that being seen hanging out in the "cool crowd" might not be as much fun as it looks if you're not comfortable with the decisions that crowd is making.
2. Say no. If you are experiencing peer pressure alone, there are still things you can do. You can say "no" and walk away. However, having the strength to say no can be hard. But it can also make you feel good to stick with what you believe in. If that doesn't work, try to explain to people in a calm way why you don't want to be part of something, and you might earn respect from others and gain confidence in yourself.
3. Try not to judge

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