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Literature Review: Peer Review

Literature Review: Peer Review This is a two-step assignment related to preparing a literature review for a research proposal. In the first step, you will complete a literature review associated with the problem statement you developed for Assignment #2B: Problem Statement. The first draft of the literature review will be peer-reviewed by one of your classmates. In the second step, you will revise your literature review based on the peer review comments and submit a final draft to the instructor for grading.

The learning objectives of this assignment are to:

1) enable you to think critically about a health-related issue of interest;

2) learn how to conduct and prepare a literature review based upon academic resources; and

3) practice expressing your ideas in a clear and concise manner.

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We will not actually conduct the research. The second step in this process will be to create a literature review, based upon the problem statement and associated research questions and hypotheses you previously submitted with Assignment #2B: Problem Statement.

For this assignment, you will prepare a five-page document. The literature review should provide more support for your problem statement and related research questions/hypotheses. It is essentially a summary of key research (or lack of research) related to your research issue of interest. The literature review should have at least 6 academic citations. In addition to lecture, I strongly recommend that you review the helpful tips on page 67-70 of your text. Please also make sure to review the Assignment #3A & B: Literature Review Discussion Board which will provide useful clarifying information on this

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