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Hello Friend, I am glad to hear you are interested in learning more about the internet. It will help you excel in your technology in your country. Having all of the information you need does make things easier. You can look up anything and everything from news, weather, music, sports and much more. The one thing is that there is so many different sources for what you are searching for. You have to make sure you research each one to know if it is a good credible site for your information. When I am searching for topics or items on the internet the value is important. Checking for authors and who owns the site can help. To assess any sort of value you should cross check it with other sites of similar value and information. The more you cross check, the more you can assess what value that site actually has. A false or out of date web site has no value. When you are on the internet for whatever reason, it is always important to make sure the site is credible and the information is up to date. Using out of date information is more common than you think. A lot of people do not research the information or web site they are using. They don’t take the extra step. Some think that the internet is a truth fountain and that nothing on the internet is false. That is very important for you to know. The internet is not all true. In order to determine if a web site is reliable, you should research the information and check for authors and backgrounds. Knowing the web sites back ground can help determine where they got their sources. I like to look up who owns the web site and the authors. I then will check other sites of similar topic to make sure the information matches up. I also like to look at web sites with personal experience. When the authors write from personal happenings it makes it credible as well. Just make sure you are researching everything and site you are...

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