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The Fear
(The major point of my paper is about the fear that people feel when they try to change and what they should do to overcome the fear.)
Thesis Statement: As we see the characters, Wallace and Ronald Pryzbylewski in the Wire, overcoming fear can be a first step to change.
(Introduction: This paragraph explains what I will cover in my writing.) People do not change easily. Many people fall in love with similar people and hurt because of similar reasons. They recognize their mistakes, but make the same mistakes over and over again. Why? One reason is they are doing it wrong. But another reason runs deeper. They are afraid to change. The decided personality is not changed easily like the foot stamp on the wet cement. Although the reasons for resisting change can be external and situational, I claim that the most damaging fears are internal because the individual is with the problem and situation. As we see the characters, Wallace and Ronald Pryzbylewski in the Wire, overcoming fear can be a first step to change. Four of the most prevalent common fears are: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of criticism, and fear of the new thing.
(Give two examples that whether overcome the fears or not. These three example paragraphs show how they overcome the fears and how to change or not.)
Here are examples from the Wire, the TV show. One is the person who overcome the fear, Ronald Pryzbylewski, and another is the person who does not overcome the fear, Wallace. Pryzbylewski is fit in two types of fears, fear of failure and criticism. Wallace is also fit in two type of the fears, fear of criticism and new things.
(To give example from the Wire, TV show, that overcomes fear of failure and criticism)
Pryzbylewski seems like useless person in the detective team from the season 1. He accidentally shoots a wall while showing off modifications to his gun. Later, Pryzbylewski, Herc, and Carver drunkenly incite a near-riot at the Franklin Terrace Towers, and Pryzbylewski pistol-whips a teenager with his service weapon, blinding him in one eye. So he stuck in the office to do the internal investigation. At this time, even he got a lot of criticism from the person, Daniels who is the commander in the team, he overcome the fear of criticism by finding he is not useless person. He found a crucial pattern on Barksdale organization's beeper codes. Also, from the season 3, he fails to properly identify himself as an officer and fatally shoots a plain clothes officer in a case of night-time mistaken identity. Even he failed as an officer, he did not give up his life. He overcome the fear of failure by facing his problems as an officer and decided to be a middle school math teacher.
(To give example from the Wire, TV show, that does not overcome fear of new things and criticism)
Another example, Wallace who failed to change, is a 16 year old drug dealer. He killed at the end of the season 1 by his friends. If he changed, it could not be happened. There is a scene that explain why he could not change. After Omar Little robbed the pit crew's drugs, Wallace spotted his accomplice Brandon playing pinball and called this information in. Stringer Bell grabbed Brandon and tortured him to death. His body was left on display, coincidentally outside of Wallace's home. Wallace was sickened by the event that he decided he wanted out of "the game". He approached D'Angelo and told him he wanted to go back to school. However, his friends did not celebrate that he decided to go back to school. They blamed him why he decided it. Also, he was sent to live with his grandmother in rural Cambridge, because officers needed to protect him as an information provider. However, he could not tolerate the boring life in rural. If he tolerated it, he could go back to school and change his life.
(To explain the fear of failure and suggest the way to overcome it. From this paragraph, you can get the way to overcome it and approach one step to change.) There are no people who want to fail. Let’s face it, it really hurts within. If we knew ahead of time the things that were going to cause you pain, we probably would not do them. That is the time when we fear of doing something. When you are afraid, you cannot act the way you want because it hinders your capabilities. It means you cannot do your best, when you feel the fear of failure. To overcome it, the most important thing is remembrance of past failures. When you were fail, did your world come crashing down around you? Even if it did, chances are you have moved on, gotten past it, and have become stronger and wiser because of it. So the next time you find yourself not taking a certain chance or being crippled by the fear of failure. Another way to overcome it learn, reflect, and learn some more from the failure. You can study and memorize facts all day long, but there is nothing that compares to the learning that comes from personal experience. Failure is just a part of life.
(To explain the fear of success and suggest the way to overcome it. From this paragraph, you can get the way to overcome it and approach one step to change.)
The Second fear is the fear of success. It sounds ridiculous, how could some be afraid of success? It is the simple thing. Success comes with baggage. If you achieve success in your life, many people respect you and pay more attention to you. From there, you feel pressure. Also, success carries chaos with it. Whenever success occurs, it brings out the dark side do self, turmoil and trouble. Therefore, whenever chaos exists, chaos brings the eruption, or at least the disturbance, of the dark side. “I can never be happy,” or “I will never be successful,” or the various negative beliefs that you have made in your mind. These two reasons why the fear of success disturbs you change, are related with your own belief. So to overcome it, you should form a new belief in your mind. An approach to shift negative belief is to ask yourself what you would like to believe. Stop providing excuses to blame yourself, becoming dis-authorized from achieving your goals and increasing your self-esteem.
(To explain the fear of criticism and suggest the way to overcome it. From this paragraph, you can get the way to overcome it and approach one step to change.)
Criticism is everywhere and people can grow from the criticism. They get the feedback from it and this feedback is a chance to be grown person. It seems like not a fear, but many people fear the criticism. It is the biggest fear people feel they try to change. People cannot live alone so they must communicate with other people and during communication, they usually try to read someone’s mind. If you try to read someone’s mind more than enough, you can lose who you are. Also, if you are afraid criticism, you can miss the chance to change like Wallace. So to overcome it, deal with it as a positive side, not a negative side. As I mentioned above, Pryzbylewski showed it. Although he was regarded as a useless person, he dealt the criticism as a positive side and overcome the fear. There is no person who is perfect in the world. That is why we must communicate with other people. Accept someone’s criticism on your work and get the feedback from it. It can be a turning point of your life.
(To explain the fear of new things and suggest the way to overcome it. From this paragraph, you can get the way to overcome it and approach one step to change.)
The last fear is the fear when trying something new. The biggest reason people are afraid to try new things, or go to new places, is fear of the unknown. When you get locked in a routine, doing the same things over and over, you create an area of comfort for yourself. You know what to expect, you know the demands will be few, and you know you will be content. However, when you go somewhere new, you will see new faces, you will be in unfamiliar surroundings, and you will not always know what to do. This can lead to a feeling of discomfort. However, this discomfort lasts a short while. Within a short amount of time, the unfamiliar becomes familiar. For instance, you start a computer class. On the first night, everyone is a little edgy. You can tell by the way people do not talk, or look at each other. By the third class, you might start talking to another classmate, or the teacher will warm up the class, and everyone will start laughing, and enjoying learning together. You might even make a good friend, while you are in the computer class. From overcoming the fear of new things, you can get not only an experience, but also a group of men having same interest.
(Give the examples that overcome and not. From the examples, readers can understand easier, how people change themselves.) (Conclusion: To remind main topic and thesis statement of the paper)
There are no truly happy people. People always envy other person’s life without any try to change their life. They do not try new thing and change themselves, just complain their life. People can change. These 4 fears are all mental problems, and to overcome them you need to look inside yourself. Keep talk with yourself and find your potential like Pryzbylewski. It is not easy, but start slowly and celebrate every small victory. Eventually you will stand above your fears and start living better life.

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