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People Like Us Tammys Story

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Rachel Seavey Assignment #4 Professor Suzanne Palmieri 4/25/2016

People Like Us Tammy's Story

“Tammy's Story” is about Tammy, a poor middle-aged woman who lives in a trailer with her four teenage kids. She walks 10 miles everyday to work for cleaning the bathroom in a fast food shop. Her neighbor said she was “trash” while her son is ashamed of her. Tammy grew up in a poor family and had very poor EDUCATION. She is working in Burger King for cleaning up the bathrooms. From information on the Internet, the salary of a lower level worker in Burger King is about $7000-$12000 a year. As she is the only person earning money for her family, Tammy's family is lower class. I would like to discuss more about Tammy's family. For Tammy, she works as a bathroom cleaner in a fast food shop which is a cheap job. Also, she has a low reputation as her neighbor called her “trash” and her sons don't respect her. For her property, she earns too little and not enough for food every day. And, she is living in a trailer which is a POOR living environment, so she has low level in property too. Tammy doesn't have a car or a driving license, so she needs to walk 10 miles to work everyday. “Owning a car” is for normal middle-class-Americans, and some of her neighbors even said,“Hey trash! What are you doing?”. As Tammy is in lower class, this behavior affects her life drastically. She said she is unhappy as her neighbors TREATED her differently. Her son said he is not satisfied or happy with her as she is lack of financial supports. Also, he dresses up good, as dressing up good is a sign of higher class. He thinks he is in a different class from his mom. Tammy really wants to increase her educational status, while her son want to increase his. As she is working as a bathroom cleaner now, she wants to become a schoolteacher. For her son, we know that he doesn't...

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