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People of Power and Unethical Behavior

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People of power and unethical behavior Unethical behavior seems to be very common today by people in positions of power and authority today. Over the years we have turned on our televisions or radios, read the cover of a newspaper or magazine only to see a discussion of an individual in a position of power demonstrating some kind of unethical behavior. From the White-Water scandal to a vast amount of sex scandals committed by people of power. Unethical behavior committed by people in positions of power continues to make the headlines all across the world. However there are two powerful individuals that continue to make headlines across America for their past unethical behaviors William (Bill) and Hillary Clinton. America’s 42nd President William Jefferson Clinton made a promise to the American people that his administration would be the “most ethical administration in the history of the country” (Hearne, 1996). Although he meant well when he made this statement, some immoral actions do not support this statement. The unethical behaviors demonstrated by Mr. Clinton range from the White water scandal (while Governor of Arkansas), to being the second president to be impeached by the House of Representatives due to personal malfeasance. Although Mr. Clinton continued his presidency he still admitted to having relations with a White House intern (, 2000). One all too familiar unethical act committed by Mr. Clinton was the extra-marital affair that he had with Monica Lewinsky. Mr. Clinton has a mile long track record of demonstrating unethical behavior, but the question is why Hillary and Bill are still Husband and wife? Well it is too obvious money can encourage almost anyone to do and commit to the unthinkable to include standing by your...

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